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We've made it our mission to be the most approachable LED grow light brand in the industry. We're accessible by email, Facebook, and Instagram 7 days of the week and we try to answer all messages as soon as possible, including evenings and weekends.

Experience shows that the customers who consult us when planning their grow setup, prior to purchasing a grow light, and the customers who take advantage of our knowledge when setting up or adjusting their grow light see the best results and are happiest both with their lamp and yield.

Fully understanding light and how it effects plants is tricky and sometimes confusing. We've spent years gaining knowledge by reading and experimenting. We're always happy to share what we know, regardless if you're just starting out or have been growing for years.

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Seed soaking experiment with tomato and pepper seeds. Does soaking help?

Does 3000K vs 4000K white light spectrum grow herbs differently? Let's find out.

A 88-day timelapse of a dwarf tomato plant growing from seed to harvest.

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LEDTonic Q2

Are you growing herbs, vegetables, or cultivating houseplans indoors? Is lack of light hindering their full growth potential?
The Q2 is an ideal lamp for small grow areas (approx. 4 sq ft or 0.4 sqm). It's built with premium parts and fitted with Samsung diodes for a long life, strong light output, and maximum efficiency. See how other growers are using their Q2s.

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LEDTonic Q7

For large high-light plants, like hemp and cannabis, the Q7 is the ideal grow light. It it's built with high-end parts, including Mean Well driver and Samsung LM301H diodes to give plenty of light and last a long time. With its dual-panel design, it covers plenty of areas well with high light intensity and uniform light footprint.
See how other growers are using their Q7s.

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