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  • I want to buy LED grow light for 4 cannabis plants

I want to buy LED grow light for 4 cannabis plants

Jul 1, 2020 - 8:49 PM

  • i am confused and i don't know which LED must i buy.
    My grow tent size is 80×80×180 (cm)
    Can you help me please and give me an advise?

  • Hello!

    We have measured our Z5 LED grow light in a 90x90cm tent, both with one and two lamps inside it. As your tent is a little smaller than this, you will have slightly better results than what's displayed on these maps, as the same amount of light will be confined over a smaller area.

    One Z5:

    Two Z5s:

    Four cannabis plants will cover your whole tent and you will need high light intensity covering your whole grow space. I'd recommend two Z5 LED grow lights for good results with four large plants.

    I hope this helped. Please let me know if anything of this is confusing or if you have any other questions.

  • I would like to say thanks for your answer.
    I inform you with regret that I live in Germany and the price of shipping of the product from Amazon in USA and the import fees are very expensive and I am just a student looking for something good and at a reasonable price because I do not have sufficient financial means. In fact, I haven't bought anything yet. All I have 3 pots and seeds, and about two weeks ago I made my first planting, but without equipment. I got the idea of ​​buying the tent before I started planting, but as you know when you are a student, everything is difficult. I don't know if you can help me with this, but what are the inexpensive things I can start with. I found a tent (80cm×80cmx180cm) for 60€, which is a light reflector from the inside, and I thought about buying one LEDTonic Z5 as a start. I don’t know if you can answer me. I would be glad to receive advice because things on the Internet make me confused and am still a beginner.

  • It costs a fair bit to start up a grow area. Lights, tent, fans, carbon filters, pots, cables, timers, grow medium and nutrients.

    Unfortunately, shipping and import costs from the USA to Germany adds a lot to the total.
    We are expanding to Amazon UK in the very near future which would be closer to you and a cheaper alternative. We estimate that our Z5's will arrive at Amazon UK in between 1-2 months. We're sorry that we don't have a better option for you at this exact moment but are doing everything we can to have our lamps reach UK as quickly as possible.

    You have a good price on that 80cm tent but that size can be a bit tricky to work with. A large plant can grow to 60x60cm by itself. Especially photoperiod plants. You might be able to grow four smaller autoflowering plants in an 80cm tent but it could be a tight fit, depending on the strain, and the plants might shade one another. It would even be tight with four photoplants in a 90x90cm tent. Especially if you plan to top/FIM and LST them.

    It will be cheaper for you to start with a 60x60cm tent and grow one large photoplant or two-three smaller autoflowers. This would also require less light to cover the whole grow space. Possibly, if you want to start small first but expand after one or two grows, you could go for a 60x120cm tent and only use one half of it until you can afford the second lamp.

    In most cases and especially for beginners, light will be the limiting factor for photosynthesis as cannabis plants can handle a lot of light. More light will equal better plants and greater harvests (up to a certain point).

    I hope this cleared up some of the confusion.

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