Z5 or SolarXtreme?

Sep 24, 2020 - 7:31 PM

  • I am new to growing under lights and would like to start growing herbs especially mint plants and would like to know why i should purchase a Ledtonic Z5 LED grow light over a California Lighting SolarXtreme 250?
    Thanks for your feedback as this whole venture is quite overwhelming once i started researching online.


  • Good question!

    The market of grow lights is indeed a jungle and it can be tricky to understand and compare the vital metrics between different grow lamps.

    I just read the product manual for the SolarXtreme series in their website. Is this by Californa Lightworks'?

    Comparing our Z5 LED grow light to their SolarXtreme 250, there are a few things that differ.

    First and foremost, their lamp draws 200 watts and our Z5 draws 112 watts.

    Second, they say that their lamp covers a 3x3'/90x90cm area. Our Z5 is designed to cover a 2x2'/60x60cm area with high intensity, and 3x3'/90x90cm with medium intensity.

    They say that their lamp produces:
    500 PPFD (Distance: 18)
    800 PPFD (Distance: 12

    Our Z5 lamp produces:
    630 PPFD (Distance: 18)
    911 PPFD (Distance: 12

    What differs with the two lamps is that our Z5 is fitted with a 120-degree focusing lenses that produces a more intense light footprint below the lamp and over a 2x2' area.

    California Lightworks has shared two spot measures at two different heights. We, on the other hand, have measured our lamp at three different heights and with 36 spot measurements taken inside a 3x3'/90x90cm tent. We have no idea how the SX250's light intensity spreads since this information isn't shared, so that part is difficult to compare.

    Smaller green plants like kitchen herbs and other leafy greens won't need very high intensities. It depends on the species, but generally, 150-300 PPFD is where you want to be at. This is achieved with the Z5 hanging at a height of 24"/60cm, almost completely covering 3x3' tent with the desired intensity.

    To summarize, if you need to cover a larger area than 3x3'/90x90cm, the SX250 will most likely do a better job than our Z5 as it pulls twice the amount of power that our lamp does and also has no focusing lenses.
    If your grow space is 3x3'/90x90cm or smaller, the SX250 might be overkill for the size of your grow space and add more to your electricity bill than necessary.

    Both the SX250 and our Z5 comes with a three-year warranty.

    Please let me know if anything was confusing and if you have any other questions.
    You can also share some more details about your situation and grow space and I'll share my thoughts and tips on how to best set up your grow and how to maximize the outcome.

    I hope the above was informative and helpful.


  • Awesome! thanks for your detailed response.
    I should have included this in my first inquiry but i am going to be using roughly a 2' x 2' reflective tent with the LED lamp.
    I have to also figure out what tent is best as well.
    That might help you best direct my purchase.
    Thanks again.


  • That sounds great. The Z5 LED grow light will be a perfect fit for a 2x2' tent.
    We did a video recently where we compared how it performs in a 2x2' tent and in a 3x3' tent. The average intensity was increased by 30% in the 2x2' tent.

    Here's a link to the video if you are interested:

    Hanging the Z5 at 24-30"" height inside a 2x2' tent will result in 300 PPFD covering the whole area evenly.

    300 PPFD in 12-16 hours will give you a DLI between 13 and 17 which is just perfect for growing herbs.

    DLI stands for Daily Light Integral. It is the value we get when we multiply light intensity with duration.

    You can read more about it here if you are interested:

    Again, let me know if anything was confusing and if you have any other questions. I hope this cleared things up a little.

    Best regards,

  • Awesome! Thanks!

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