Need help with the adaptor

Sep 26, 2020 - 11:43 AM

  • was wondering if all I need is an adapter for the power cord? Over here in Sweden we have 240volts outlets. Will there be any problems? Or will a simple plug adapter do the trick?
    2: What are the measurements of the Z5?

  • Thank you for reaching out and I'm glad you're interested in our grow lights. To answer your query.

    1. Both of our grow lights are safe to use in 100 - 240volts outlets.

    All our lamps are sold with a power cord for US power sockets but this is not an issue since it is a standard C13 connection. You most likely have a spare cable lying around somewhere, but if not, you can buy one pretty much anywhere. I recommend changing the cable, rather than using an adapter.

    Link to cable:

    2. The measurements of the lamp are Length - 347mm, Width - 306mm, and Height - 75mm

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Two more questions for you if I may:

    1: I know this is a dumb question but since the answer is more complicated than a layman like me could grasp, would you ballpark it for me, how would your Z5 compare to HPS lights?

    Would it be able to replace a 400-600w HPS in terms of production and quality"?

    2: It says you have a 3 year full warranty, if anything happens to the lamp. Does this warranty only apply to the US market?

  • Not a dumb question at all! Looking at the raw data, the efficacy of a 400w HPS is around 0.9 µmol/j (amount of light produced per joule)

    The Z5's efficacy is 1.3 µmol/j

    400w HPS x 0.9 = 360 µmol/s (total light emitted per second)
    112w LED x 1.3 = 145 µmol/s

    What further differs an HPS from our Z5 is how the light is distributed. Our focusing lenses do the same job as the HPS's reflector, but with better precision and with less light wasted.

    The best and most accurate way to compare two different light sources is to measure the light intensity below the lamp, on several spots.

    We haven't measured any HPS lamps ourselves, but I managed to find a couple of tests and maps via google. The maps were found on

    Our PPFD map for the Z5 is available on our website. We have measured it inside a 90x90cm tent.

    While drawing almost four times the wattage and producing more than two times the total light, the HPS still doesn't create much greater intensities below the lamp than our Z5 and this is with a brand new HPS bulb with no signs of deterioration
    HPS-bulbs emit light 360 degrees and 50 percent of the light relies on the reflector to redirect the photons. A lot of light is lost by absorption in the reflector. Also, the reflected light is still emitted with a wide-angle and a lot of it reaches the Mylar walls before it bounces again and travels further down to the sensor.
    As Mylar isn't 100% reflective, some light is lost there as well. All lost light adds up and is just wasted.

    When it comes to spectrum, different growers prefer different configurations. Red light promotes larger volumes while blue light gives slightly lower volumes, with increased potency.

    As you may know, Metal Halide bulbs are often used prior to HPS since HPS emits almost no blue wavelengths, which is favorable during vegetative growth. As far as quality is concerned, our grow light is far more productive and efficient as it can emit the blue and red spectrum. Both of which are required for a plant's optimum growth.

    We have put a lot of research into our lights and it has a great balance that performs well all the way from seed to supply.

    Our three-year warranty covers everything and is valid for all of our customers, no matter the location.

    I hope you don't mind the wall of text. We just want to make sure that you are informed and know exactly what you are buying. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
    Again, please let me know if anything was unclear or if you have any other questions.

    How does your situation look today? What size is your grow space and how many plants are you planning to grow?


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