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Need help with my Aquaphonics setup?

Oct 1, 2020 - 7:32 PM

  • I have an aquaphonics project I've been working on for quite some time now and I'm finally fishing it up.

    I have a 34x20 grow area and its 40 inches tall. I'm looking at your lights and my question is should I get one or two? I plan on trying a wide variety of plants in there, as this is an experiment of sorts.

    But looking at the dimensions I think I could get two in there. But with such tight area I wasn't sure if that would be too much or an issue. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Hi,

    It depends on what plants you are going to grow and what results you have in mind.
    Flowering and fruiting plants such as pepper, tomatoes, and cucumbers, will want high light intensities of 250-600 PPFD (┬Ámol/m2/s). Cannabis can take even more than that and we recommend to be above 600 PPFD during the late stage of flowering. Salad, microgreens, kitchen herbs, and other leafy greens will do well with lower light intensities, between 100-300 PPFD.

    I've grown a combination of everything in a 32x32/80x80cm tent with one Z5. I got great results overall, but the outer edges had a somewhat lacking intensity. As your tent is 34x20 you will have a higher intensity since light is contained and concentrated over a smaller area, but the very outer edges will be getting less than ideal light. We wrote an article on this topic not too long ago where we compared our Z5 in two different sized tents. You can find the article here:

    I'm sure you'll have great results with one Z5 LED grow light in your tent if you keep the most light-hungry plants in the middle right below the lamp and less light requiring plants in the outer edges. I'm sure you can also fit two Z5s in there, but it will most likely be overkill for your situation and type of crops. We've had customers getting great results with one Z5 in a 24x24as well as two Z5s in a 24x48, although they were growing cannabis. Two Z5s in your grow space would give you great intensities but might be a little bit more than you actually need. Possibly, you can use one Z2 and one Z5.

    We've measured our Z5 lamp in a couple of different sized spaces:

    Two Z5 lamps in a 3x3'/90x90cm space:

    One Z5 in a 2x3' space

    Two Z5 lamps in a 2x4'/60x120cm space:

    Unfortunately, we haven't measured two Z5 lamps in a 2x3' space but the intensity can be estimated and would be a bit higher than two Z5 lamps in a 2x4' space.

    If you share some more details of what crops you intend to grow and what results you expect, I can give more accurate advice for your situation. We don't want to push more lamps on to you than your situation requires.
    Also, let me know if anything was confusing, and if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

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