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What's best for my 2x3x5 setup?

Oct 3, 2020 - 7:19 PM

  • which light of these two would you recommend for 2X3X5 Grow tent?
    for growing organic cherry tomato's
    please let me know
    Thank you

  • For tomatoes, we recommend that you aim for 300-500 PPFD. You can grow in higher intensities, but photosynthesis starts to slowly become saturated after around 500-600 PPFD, so I'd recommend that as a maximum for economical reasons. But it all depends on your desired results and budget.

    As you may know already, the light intensity is regulated by distance. The shorter distance between the lamp and plant canopy, the higher intensity. For 600 PPFD, a height of around 15-18is recommended, for both of our lamps.
    Our smaller version, the Z2, draws 50 watts and covers 16x16
    with high intensity.
    Our larger lamp, the Z5, draws 112 watts and covers 2x2' with high intensity.

    We've recently measured the Z5 in a 2x3' reflective space and here is a direct link to the results (PPFD-map):

    We see that it covers the whole area fairly well but that the very outer edges have a bit less than ideal light for adult flowering/fruiting plants. You can squeeze two Z5s in there and it'll create a very intense light over your whole grow area. You can also use one Z2 and one Z5 lamp and have one side with a little less light. It all depends on how many and how large plants you are planning to grow, as well as your desired results. You can also start out with one lamp and see how it goes. If your plants grow tall and lanky (in the outer edges), you may want to add another lamp to your setup.

    I hope this was helpful. Let me know if anything was unclear or if you have any other questions.

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