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  • Planning on bringing 2 pots indoors, need advice.

Planning on bringing 2 pots indoors, need advice.

Oct 5, 2020 - 1:45 AM

  • Hi,

    I'm a little confused. I have 2 plants currently in pots and they are flowering as they've been outside since September 12 or whatever. They are also about 2' maybe 2' 6" to 3', which light do I use in this setting?

  • If your plants are adult and flowering, our Z5 LED grow light is perfect and can be hung at 12or slightly higher above your plant. You can start at 14-15 from your plant's top and see if your plant likes it.

    If they do, lower another inch after a couple of days. Follow that pattern until you have reached 12" distance between lamp and plant. That is a more foolproof way of doing it.

    I know light can be tricky in the beginning. Let me know if anything was unclear.

  • I've been reading up on PPFD and I'm not sure if I understand it. I'm guessing PPFD is like the perfect lighting for your plant at a particular stage of growth?

  • That is correct.

    It is not important to understand or remember all of this, but I'm sharing them with you anyway to better explain the concept of light intensity.
    These are the terms best used when it comes to horticultural lighting:
    PPF stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux (┬Ámol/s)
    PPFD Stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (┬Ámol/m2/s)

    PPF is like Lumens. But as you know, lumens are for humans and plants see colors differently than we do. Therefore, it is measured a little differently and is the best way to measure light for plants.
    PPFD is like LUX, it is the light intensity at a certain point under your lamp.

    The light output (PPF or lumen) is always constant. The achieved intensity (PPFD or LUX) will change depending on the distance to the lamp.

    The recommended intensity (PPFD) will vary, depending on the phases of your plants. You will regulate this intensity with the distance between lamp and plant.

    As your plants are now adults and flowering, they should be able to handle 900 PPFD, and to achieve this, you should hang the lamp at 12" above the top of your plants.

  • Yup, having to do with maximum photosynthesis - got it.
    Last question - Do you need eye protection around those lights?

  • Good question! I usually don't use glasses when I am doing something quick in my grow tent like watering my plants or pruning them.

    My general recommendation is that if your head is above the lamp and you're not looking straight into the diodes, there's no problem.

    But if you are going to spend some time within your indoor garden or grow tent, it is recommended to wear some sort of eye protection. Regular sunglasses work but indoor grow room glasses work better.

    We have eye protection available. These are the LedTonic G2 and G4 indoor grow room glasses.

    You can find the products in these links:

    G2: https://www.ledtonic.com/products/g2-grow-room-glasses

    G4: https://www.ledtonic.com/products/g4-led-glasses

    If you have other questions, let me know.

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