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What light would be good for 5 cannabis plants

Oct 6, 2020 - 7:55 PM

  • What light would be good for 5 cannabis plants?

  • We currently have two models available, the Z2 and Z LED Grow lights.
    Z2 draws 50w and Z5 draws 112w.

    We have done grow comparisons between our two lamp models and when growing big plants, Z5 yielded just shy of twice the amount compared to the Z2. If you are growing small varieties/plants, you don't need as much light to stimulate all of your plants. If you are growing large plants and will top them, apply low-stress training and possibly even ScrOg them with a net, your canopies will be bigger and wider and require more light.

    The Z2 is designed to cover a 1.5'x1.5' (45x45cm) large area with a decent intensity, and a very high intensity within the center/inner 1'x1' area.
    The Z5 is designed to cover a 2'x2'(60x60cm) area with high intensity.
    I assume that you are growing in a tent and that your tent is 4'x4'(120x120cm) large.
    We have customers that have great results using two Z5s in a 2'x4'(60x120cm) tent.

    The minimum light required to grow one plant with good results is one Z2.
    The minimum light required for growing five plants with great result is five Z2 or four Z5, as three Z5 will give an uneven footprint within a 4'x4' tent and four Z2 would not be able to cover the fifth plant.

    If you can share some more details about your growing techniques and grow space, I can give a little more accurate recommendations. :)

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