Got a few good questions..

Nov 9, 2020 - 10:33 AM

  • Hello,

    I am new on growing the magical plant. I am planning to get 2'x2'x4 or 3'x'3x6' or similar to either two of the mentioned.

    Could you please advice me on :-

    1) How many plant i can grow in a either of the two tent mentioned.
    2) Which LEDTonic LED lights should i go for?
    3) What is the differences of bushy type plant and Tall type plant.
    4) How many buds are we able to get for a plant? and
    5) Does LED Full Spectrum (Like yours Z2 & Z5) plays a role on buds per plant?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Hello,

    You have some very good questions and it seems like you will be successful in your grow, even though you are new.

    • You can grow two small plants in a 2'x2', or one large. In a 3'x3', you can grow 4-6 medium-size plants. The size of your plants' canopy can also be altered by Topping and Low-Stress Training (LST). you can grow many small plants or fewer plants with larger canopies.
      There is a lot to read and learn about both topping and training and I recommend browsing both google and youtube on this subject.

    • If you are going to grow in a 2'x2' tent, we recommend the Z5. The Z5 model draws 112 watts and fill out a 2'x2' tent with high intensity. The Z5 will also work in a 3'x3' tent but the intensity will be less than ideal in the outer edges.
      It may not seem like a big difference, 2'x2' VS 3'x3', but the actual area is 4ft2 VS 9ft2. So a 3'x3' is more than twice the size of a 2'x2' tent. So, if you're planning to fill a 3x3' tent from side to side, we recommend two Z5s for good results.

    • Commonly, there are three types of cannabis. Sativa is the tallest one, with thinner leaves. Indica is a little shorter and bushier, with broader leaves. You can search for Sativa VS Indica on google for comparison pictures and more information.

    • How many buds you are going to get will depend on how you manage your plant. You can get anywhere from 1-50 buds. If you are Topping, LST-ing and holding your plant down with a net (ScrOg), you can get a lot of both buds and grams, from just one plant.

    • Light is a complex topic. White light is considered full spectrum, although there are many types of white light, and different kinds of white light will produce slightly different results. Our spectrum is produced with white diodes, together with blue and red single-wavelength diodes for increased efficacy and greater light output. More often than not, light quantity will trump quality. The spectrum produced by our Z-lamps has a pink tone. While light does affect the yield a lot and is one of the most important factors when growing indoors, there are a lot of other factors that will also play a big part. Temperature, humidity, air circulation and exchange, nutrients, soil type, and pot size, to name a few. If it is your first grow, there is a lot to read about.

    All of the above mentioned will play a part in how many and how big buds you will get.

  • Thank you for your response and advice. Especially the Topping and LST. Of course I will look into others as well as I would like to grow perfectly. To be honest, the thought of growing Marijuana apart from the end result, it is for me to enhance my discipline and focus more. It is just the thought I had that could probably improve myself, in away.

    Anyway, could you please help me to understand about the equipment for growing. I am wondering if the LED is air cooled, should we get fan(s)?, and how many should we have?

    Also, I just found out about the “Re-Pot”. New things keep coming up instantly, which I take it as the MJ is excited and impatient to be grown by me?.

    Regarding the re-pot, as an average-personal use(for now) and a beginner. How many pots should I prepare if I chose to grow

    1 Plant?
    If 2 Plants, should have more pots comparing to growing 1 plant? I am confused.

    About smell.
    My question is, with having 2 Air Filtration (Charcoal Filled) is can eliminate the odor 100% when the plant blooms?

    My apologies if there are any wrong words, or confusing you.
    Again, Thanks for your response and hope to hear from you soon!

  • You have some very good questions and I will answer them one by one.

    Air-cooled LED - Yes, our lamps are actively cooled with fans that are inside the lamps' protective housing. You will still need fans for your plants, but not for the lamp. Your plants will want air circulation and also air ventilation. Preferably, one fan that is gently blowing on your plants and one fan that is mounted in one of the openings of the tent, pushing out hot and humid air so that new colder and dryer air reaches the plant continuously.

    Repotting - This is a good idea when growing cannabis strains that are Photoperiod-sensitive. There are strains that are not photoperiod-sensitive and these are instead autoflowering varieties. Often, autoflowering plants are not repotted and will instead be planted in the final pot right away.

    Number of pots - You should always only have one plant per pot. Keep in mind, the larger pot and the more soil there is in that pot, the larger plant you will have.

    Smell filtration - Charcoal filter will reduce most of the smell, but I don't think it will filter out all of it. Make sure you have a properly sized system for this (both filter and fan) to make sure that everything works properly.
    Depending on your conditions where your live, you could filter the air and then connect your tent to a vent that leads to outside. I haven't experimented with double filters myself so I can't comment on that, although it sounds good in theory.

    Let me know if anything was confusing or if you have any other questions. I know it can be a lot of information to take in.

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