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  • I need to know a few things before I decide.

I need to know a few things before I decide.

Nov 16, 2020 - 6:49 AM

  • Hello,

    I’m interested in your Z2 model and wanted to ask if this is the absolute best bang for my buck. I’ve got about a $100 budget and need something to perform well for years.

    I’ve seen companies advertise high ppfd readings, par, all that and wanted to see how your light compares with others’.

  • What plants will you be growing and how large area are you intending to illuminate? How does your grow space look like? If you have a grow tent, what size is it?

    Share some more details with me and I'll help you figure out if our Z2 LED grow light is the right choice for you and how to best use it.

  • Hey, thanks for the response! I’ve got a 2x2 tent and plan to grow about 2-3 marijuana plants at a time.

  • Thanks for the information. This makes it a lot easier for me to give accurate recommendations.
    To fill out a 2x2' area with high intensity (cannabis) we recommend our Z5 lamp model.

    The Z5 draws 112 watts and has 120-degree focusing lenses
    The Z2 draws 50 watts and has 90-degree focusing lenses

    The Z5 covers a 2x2' area with high intensity (4 sqft)
    The Z2 covers a 1.5x1.5' with high intensity (2.2 sqft)

    It doesn't seem like a large difference, 1.5x1.5' VS 2x2' area, but half the power draw also equals half the light output. Combined with the narrower 90-degree lenses, I'm afraid that you won't get the results you are looking for with our Z2.

    If you were growing one plant you would get a lot better results with the Z2 as one plant would be centered in the tent and get all the benefit of the focusing lenses and strongest light intensity right below the lamp.

    However, as you intend to grow three plants, none of them will be in the middle and a lot of the strongest center intensity will be wasted.
    One more aspect of having three plants is that there will be foliage all the way out in the edges of your tent where the Z2 isn't performing very well, because of the narrower lenses.

    We've tested the Z5 vs the Z2 in a grow-battle. We've compared them in two 32x32" tents, the Z5 hanging in one tent and the Z2 in the other. They both illuminated two autoflowering plants from the same strain and seed pack. In the end, the Z5 yielded just shy of twice the amount, compared to the Z5.
    After all, as I'm sure you know, plant growth indoors is limited by the availability of light, and, adding more light will increase the rate of photosynthesis (up to a certain point).
    It is possible to grow two plants in a 2x2' tent with one Z2, but the Z5 will almost double your yield.

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority and I just want you to be fully informed of what to expect from our lamps and different setups.

    I am attaching the PPFD maps below for both of our lamp models.
    Please let me know if anything was confusing or if you have any other questions.

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