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How does a 50w of power give 871 par?

Nov 26, 2020 - 8:45 AM

  • Hello the z2 says only 50w of power and 30 3 w less so how can it give off 871 par? Also which unit is good for a 3x3 tent and the z2 at 12 inch above canopy how deep does light penetrates

  • That is correct, our Z2 draws 50w of power.
    It has 30 diodes with a 3-watt max capacity. However, pushing a diode to its limit will result in a lot of heat and as you may know, high temperatures will both lower the efficacy of an LED, as well as decrease its lifespan (L70).

    PAR, PPFD, and PPF, should not be confused with one another.
    PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation and is a specific range within the electromagnetic spectrum (400-700nm).
    PPF is the total light output. PPFD is light intensity at a certain spot.

    The center spot intensity is 871 PPFD when the Z2 is hanging at a height of 12".

    The Z2 draws 50 watts and has 90-degree focusing lenses.
    The Z5 draws 112 watts and has 120-degree focusing lenses.

    If you are growing in a 3x3' (9 sqft) large reflective space, we recommend the Z5 as a minimum. Although, the Z5 is designed to cover a 2x2' (4 sqft) large area with high intensity, which is less than half of that. What I'm trying to say is that it also depends on how large area your plants will occupy inside your tent. If you are growing one or two plants, you'll need a lot less light compared to if you are filling your tent with nine plants. For 1-2 plants, one Z5 will work. For 3-5 plants, we recommend two Z5 lamps in a 3x3' grow space.

    When it comes to penetration, focusing lenses will help with getting light down to the lower parts on plants. As light is more directed and focused, more of it will go straight down, rather than to the sides. This can be both good and bad, depending on how large area that needs to be covered.

    Here's a PPFD map for the Z5 in a 3x3' tent:

    Here's a PPFD map for two Z5 lamps in a 3x3' tent:

    I hope the above was informative. Please let me know if anything was confusing or if you have any other questions.

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