Closet Grow: Growing Weed With Ledtonic Z2

A Customer Success Story 

We recently helped a customer with his closet grow. The goal was to grow one cannabis plant in a 1.8x1.8' (55x55 cm) closet. The customer explained that he had little ability to regulate the climate inside the closet. Temperature, humidity, and airflow would all be difficult to regulate. The ambient room temperature would be around 77F / 25C and the humidity was expected to be between 40-60%, much based on outside weather.


Cannabis seedling sprouting

With these set condition the customer asked us for to help suggest a grow light and other accessories that he needed to be able to grow his one plant, a Choco Bud photo plant. We explained that with limited airflow and limited ability to cool the space, he needed a relatively low-power grow light (drawing few watts) but obviously the grow light still needed to be powerful enough to emit enough light for the plant to grow buds. In regards to PPFD, we explained that during flowering the plant would need 600 PPFD or above.

As the grow conditions were limiting, we explained that the with low power comes limited light which results in limited yield. The priority was to grow a plant full cycle with with rather basic equipment on a budget. The priority was not to get maximum yield.

Taking all of this into account, we suggested that our Z2 LED grow light would be a good option. It only draws 50 watts but does emit satisfactory light intensity (PPFD) even for flowering plants. The customer as happy with this suggestion so we got going.

Weed seedling after transplant

Our customer already had a 3 gal pot, coco choir, and nutrients. We suggested to use at least a small USB fan inside the tent.
Once all the gear was in place, the seed was germinated in a damp paper towel encolosed in a plastic container. After three days the root had grown about an inch and was placed inside a small 16 oz/0.5l plastic container.
Two weeks later, the plant was transplanted to its main 3 gal / 18l pot.
From then on it grew nicely under the circumstances and was topped once and defoliated twice. Once after about three weeks and then again two weeks later, just before switching to flower to get better air flow and reduce the risk of powdery mildew. The plant was LST'd a bit but still ended up growing quiet tall.
During the veg phase we aimed for around 400 PPFD and 18 hour light. During flowering phase we gradually increased the PPFD by moving the lamp closer and closer to the plant. Towards the of the grow, the PPFD was around 700. The lamp was 10-12" from the canopy.

Mature weed plant toward end of flowering

Our little plant grew well and looked healthy from start to finish. Around 2.5 months after germination it was time to harvest and the final yield weighed in at 31g, roughly one oz. This resulted in 0.62g/watt, which considering the circumstances, both us and our customer were happy with.

LEDTonic Z2 grow light harvest

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