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Have you started, or are you looking to start growing plants indoors? If your plan is to grow any type of high-light plant like tomatoes, peppers, or cannabis, your system will require a powerful grow light. A strong lamp will benefit your plants but could be uncomfortable or even damaging to your eyes. Spending a significant amount of time near intense LED, HPS, HID, CFL, or really, any type of lamp, can cause harm. Especially colored LEDs (blue/red or purple) with a heavy blue spectrum have shown to cause irritation. In addition, it’s impractical to grow with a very unnatural color spectrum. The plants’ true green colors will be masked by the blue/red light which makes it difficult to spot illnesses or deficiencies. 

White light consists of all colors: blue, green, and red. Reducing green will result in a pink/purple color spectrum. Reducing blue will make it orange/red. Reducing red will make it blue.
Grow room glasses for indoor growing

LEDTonic Grow Light Glasses

Combating the issues of high light intensity and HEV-light, (High-energy visible light), i.e. the blue-heavy spectrum (400-450 nm wavelength), is easy enough. A proper set of light reducing glasses gets the job done. In a pinch, regular sunglasses help a lot but when possible, use purpose-designed indoor grow glasses. These glasses are created to specifically address the problem and are usually optimized to either:

  1. Block a lot of light
  2. Block light and also filter (correct) the light spectrum
LEDTonic G2 and G4 Grow Room Glasses Comparison
G2 90% vs G4 63% light blocked

The first (1) option of glasses blocks anywhere from 70-90% of light emitted by the grow light but does nothing to the color spectrum. White light will remain white and colored light will remain colored (blue/red). This type of grow light glasses is recommended for grow lamps emitting white light (all Kelvins) but are less useful with colored LEDs. They are versatile and can be used for any lamp or bulb type (LED, HPS, CFL, CMH).

Here’s an example:

LEDTonic G2 Grow room glasses for LED, HPS, CFL

LEDTonic G2 2-Pack Grow Room Glasses

This particular model is a “fit over” version and can be used over regular-sized prescription glasses.

The second (2) option of glasses has a dual purpose: it both blocks light intensity (to some extent) and also filters it. Using a lens with a light filter to cancel out the unnatural high rations of blue and red light will make the light appear more balanced with fair colors. Using color correcting glasses, the plants’ true green colors are visible. Seeing the right colors, instead of mainly blue/red, allows catching of discolorations or any problems with the plants while also being kind to our eyes. Works best with colored LED lights and not as beneficial with white light lamps (white LEDs, HPS, CFL, CMH).

LED grow light glasses color correcting

LEDTonic G4 LED Color Correcting Glasses

To conclude
Indoor growing of any kind is growing in popularity. Whether you want to boost your window sill grow or are setting up a bigger and more serious grow and you decide to buy a powerful indoor grow light, consider also grow room glasses.

Powerful lamps emit powerful light. The plants soak it in but our eyes can take damage. Use proper eye protection, especially if spending time daily around grow lights. Understand which type of glasses is best in your situation then find an online retailer or try Amazon. 

Prices usually range between $10-30 depending on quality and features. A fairly low-cost insurance to keep your eyes safe.

LEDTonic G2 Grow Room Glasses
LEDTonic G2 Glass Lens

LEDTonic G4 Color correcting LED grow light glasses
LEDTonic G4 Glass Lens

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