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Two of our happy customers

Elisabeth 37, California.

I struggled keeping my plants healthy in cold weather. This is the third LEDTonic Grow Light I buy. The first one I used in my bedroom in order to keep some plants healthy and they have been growing a ton. This product is small enough and I love that you have multiple ways of using it. Worth the money!

The communication with the seller was lovely. They helped me choose the LED Light I needed in detail. Thank you! 

       Frank 26, Colorado.

I am so impressed with this light! Straight out of the box, it was impressive! It actually feels very heavy duty and seems very well made. Plugging it in, the light is very bright and so far, it seems like my herbs are loving it! I have a smaller light but it doesn’t even come close to the quality of this light. I’m definitely not a professional but to me, this product makes me feel like one. I am definitely going to be ordering more of these, especially for this price point!

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