LEDTonic Q2 LED Grow Light: Inspiration

The LEDTonic Q2 is a small and versatile LED grow light. At close distance, around 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) from canopy it delivers high light intensity and satisfies even high-light plants like tomatoes and peppers, albeit over a limited area. For low-and medium-light plants like herbs (basil, oregano, dill weed) and leafy greens (salad, spinach, arugula) the Q2 performs exceptionally well and covers about 2x2' with ideal light intensity. We have ourselves grown mango, avocado, and ginger plants with it, to name a few.

More information about the Q2:
Q2 Product Page
Q2 Technical Info & Specs

Inspirational grows by ourselves and our customers

Indoor closet grow with LEDTonic Q2

Basil, dill weed, salad in a 2x2' closet.

Growing seedlings with LEDTonic Q2

Seedlings in a grow tent.

2x2' grow tent with LEDTonic Q2

Peppers, basil, lemon tree in a grow tent.

Growing pepper and basil with LEDTonic Q2

Homegrown vegetables and herbs.

Herb garden with microgreens and LEDTonic Q2

Closet grow with microgreens and herbs.

Houseplants growing in window sill with LEDTonic Q2

Houseplants in a shaded window sill.

Tall houseplant with LEDTonic Q2

Large houseplants in a windowless room.

Videos featuring the Q2 from some of our growers