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LEDTonic G2
Indoor Grow Room  Glasses (2 Pack)


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  • KEEP YOUR EYES SAFE: Reduces light intensity to allow working in a grow room near grow lights without damaging eyes. 
  • BLOCKS 90% OF LIGHT: Working near high output (PAR/PPFD) grow lights? These glasses will block 90% of the light otherwise received by your eyes.
  • ANSI & CE CERTIFIED: ANSI Z87 & EN-166-F approved durable and safe grow room glasses. 
  • FIT OVER GLASSES: Already wearing a pair of glasses? No problem. These grow room glasses will fit perfectly over a pair of slim prescription glasses. 
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LIGHTS: Whether you're growing with LED, HPS, HID or any other type of grow light, these glasses will keep your eyes safe. 

LEDTonic G2 Grow Light Glasses: 2-Pack High Light Intensity Reducing Grow Room Glasses

In the modern world of indoor gardening, your options for gear and equipment are endless. But with all the technical terms and numbers, what is, in fact, important and which brands are legitimate?
LEDTonic stands for high performing, reliable, and durable products. Our products' specifications and performance are backed up by generous warranty and transparent tests and, all public in our social media channels.

We create effective but simple indoor growing equipment so even beginners can get great results. Whether you're in for your first grow or your 100th, together we will plan your grow area and see your grow project through. We’ll be beside you and coach you to a successful grow if you ever require our help.

We're not just a retailer, but rather your start to finish grow partner.

LEDTonic G2 2-Pack Grow Room Glasses

These glasses were developed with the goal to create an affordable yet safe and effective way to protect our eyes when working around powerful indoor grow lights. We shouldn't look directly (at least not for a long period of time) into high light output grow lights for the exact same reason as we shouldn't look directly into the sun; our eyes do not react well to such high light intensities and can take damage if repeatedly subjected to intense light.
By using adequate eye protection you can safely stay in your grow room as long as you like and take care of your plants without causing damage to your eyes. A smart investment.

Product Specifications & Features:
- ANSI Z87.1 & CE EN-166-F certified.
- Excellent option for all light types: LED, HPS, HID, CMH, CFL, etc.
- Fit over glasses.
- Light intensity reduction by approximately 90% (no color correction).
- 2-Year warranty.

Inside the box:
2x LEDTonic G2 Grow Room Glasses

We know light! We develop our configurations, build them, and use them with our own grows. Tried, tested, and true on all imaginable plants. High output and enduring diodes: L70 after minimum 50.000 hours (8.6 years at 16h a day, 365 days a year).
LEDTonic has your back! We offer a stellar 3-year hassle-free 100% working diode & lamp warranty on all of our grow lights.

Take care of your eyes, starting now!