LEDTonic Z5 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Herbs, Vegetables, Marijuana, Cannabis.
LEDTonic Z5 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Herbs, Vegetables, Marijuana, Cannabis.
LEDTonic Z5 Indoor Grow Light - size and box content
Grow marijuana with indoor grow LED grow light
Indoor garden with basil, tomato, peppers, microgreens grown under LED grow light
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Grow indoor plants, herbs, vegetables, weed, cannabis

LEDTonic Z5
LED Grow Light

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  • MEDICINAL PLANTS & VEGETABLES ALIKE: Ideal spectrum (not BLURPLE). A perfect combination of blue, green, and red that will turn your seeds into your own supply.
  • PLENTY OF LIGHT PER WATT: Efficacy rating 1.3 PPF/W. Only draws 112W (Veg: 51W & Bloom: 61W) but produces 911 PPFD at 12" and 630 PPFD at 18" inside a grow tent. One Z5 fills small or medium sized tents and closet grows (32x32" base area).
  • RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP TO RUN: At the US average 13 cent/kWh, LEDTonic Z5 lamp's operational cost is 23 cents per 16 hours (7 USD per month). Barely noticeable on your electricity bill!
  • QUIET AND EFFECTIVE LED: Plug and play, no assembly required. 41.5 dB at 12" (30 cm) distance lamp, open space. 39.7 dB at 12" distance, inside closed tent. Perfect for your small indoor grow project.
  • FOR FIRST TIME & EXPERIENCED GROWERS: Whether you're growing for the first time or the 100th, the Z5 lamp will help you accomplish your yield goals. Go green and self-sufficient

Z5 product specifications, extended info, and instructions:

LEDTonic Z5 Indoor LED Grow Light

Step up your grow game. Efficient hardware with high light output (PPFD) maximizing photosynthesis. This grow lamp is expertly engineered for MJ plants with high light requirements. The Z5 is fitted with the ideal color spectrum: optimal balance of blue-green-red with both UV and FR, stimulating your CB plant (or any other fruiting & flowering plant) in all of its grow phases. Don't fall for the "BLURPLE" color hoax. Practically no plant will thrive with only blue and red light, confirmed by multiple studies. Green light boosts parts of the photosynthesis process, improves plants’ overall health, and gives fruits and flowers (and buds) their right taste and smell. The Z5 covers it all. Get a lamp that does it right!

Why LEDTonic?
We are growers ourselves. Need help or want to talk lighting? Send us a message!
LEDTonic lamps are put through longevity, power draw, and light tests before finalized.
10 years of growing expertise has been put into perfecting all aspects of our products.

PPFD (center spot, in grow tent): 911 umol/m2/s at 12" & 630 umol/m2/s at 18".
Efficacy: 1.3 umol/J (PPF/W)
Power consumption: 112W (Veg: 51W & Flower: 61W).
Operational cost: 23 cents/day (16 hrs), at 13 cent/kWh, US average.
Diodes & spectrum: 64 diodes at 3W. 400nm - 730 nm + 3200K, 4500K, 6500K white

Inside the box:
1 LEDTonic Z5 grow light
1 LEDTonic manual
1 US power cord 5' (1.5m)
1 Hanger (17" wires)

We know light! We develop our configurations, build them, and use them with our own grows. Tried, tested, and true on all imaginable plants. High output and enduring diodes: L70 after minimum 50.000 hours (8.6 years at 16h a day, 365 days a year).
LEDTonic has your back! We offer a stellar 3-year hassle-free 100% working diode & lamp warranty on all of our grow lights.