Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light
Q2 LED Grow Light

LEDTonic Q2
LED Grow Light (36W, Samsung diodes)

Choose between:
3000K (red), 3500K (white) & 4000K (blue)

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Q2 Detailed info & specs:
Product Info
Inspiration (other grows)

Have a look at our Q2 presentation video. We'll show you what's inside the box,
how to assemble, and hang the lamp as well as some practical uses.

Q2 presentation video without cannabis content

Q2 light footprint tests & results

Q2 presentation video with cannabis content (18+ and YT account required)

  • Grows Any And All Plants: The LEDTonic Q2 LED grow light is versatile and will work with all plants. It covers a 1.5x1.5' area with high-light intensity (tomato, pepper, cannabis plants) and 2x2' area with medium-light intensity (herbs, microgreens, house plants).
  • Small, Neat, Efficient: Fits all spaces; from your window sill to garage shelf to grow tent. Comes with a 6' power cord which connects to the lamp's E27 base. Hang the lamp from above or from its side; whichever way gives your plants the best light coverage.
  • Incredibly Cost-Effective: At 36W draw power, the Q2's cost comes out to $1.52/watt for 1-pack, $1.24/watt for 2-pack. Plenty of bang for your buck, which both your plants and wallet will love!
  • Premium Samsung Diodes: The LM561C model is among the highest performing, longest-lasting, and most efficient diodes on the market. Cleverly built with low operational temperature will ensure the lamp lasts 50.000++ hours (5.7++ years of CONSTANT use).
  • Choose The Right CCT For You: The Q2 comes in 3000K (red), 3500K (white), 4000K (blue) white-light spectrum. 3500K generally works best for most plants but the Q2 allows you to experiment with different CCTs to please your curiosity

LEDTonic Q2 Indoor LED Grow Light

We set out on a quest to create an indoor grow light that is both high-performing, discrete, and easy to use. We challenged ourselves to design a lamp that you can be proud of showing in your home as a part of your interior design while still making it powerful enough to satisfy high-light plants. In contrary to many other lamps on the market, the Q2 will emit a neutral white, sun-like, light that is easy on the eyes and effective on your plants. The Q2 was engineered to need no fan while still maintain a cool temperature for maximum longevity.

The Q2 comes in three different CCTs ("shades" of white light): 3000K with a red lamp holder, 3500K with a white lamp holder, and 4000K with a blue lamp holder. 3500K is the most common and generally preferred spectrum but we know that growers like to experiment with all possible factors and we want to support this curiosity.

Why LEDTonic?
We are growers ourselves. Need help or want to talk lighting? Send us a message!
All LEDTonic lamps are put through longevity, power draw, and light tests before finalized.
10 years of growing expertise has been put into perfecting all aspects of our products. 

Product Specifications & Features:

PPFD (center spot, in grow tent): 693 µmol/m2/s at 6"/15cm & 301 µmol/m2/s at 12"/30cm
PPF: 74 µmol/s
Efficacy: 2.13 µmol/J (PPF/W) or ~150 lm/w
Lumen: 5334 lm
Power consumption: 36W (+/- 2W)
Volt: 100-240V (Worldwide compatibility: US, CA, UK, EU, AUS, etc)
Hertz: 50/60 Hz
Operational cost: 7 cents/day (16 hrs), at 13 cent/kWh, US average
Diodes: Samsung LM561C
Spectrum: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Size: 7.8" x 7.8" x 4.8" or 20 x 20 x 12 cm (LxWxH)
Warranty: 3-Year warranty

Inside the box:
1 LEDTonic Q2 36W grow light
1 LEDTonic manual
1 Power cord 6' (200 cm)
1 Rope ratchet
1 Metal side hanging screw

We know light! We develop our configurations, build them, and use them with our own grows. Tried, tested, and true on all imaginable plants. High output and enduring diodes: L70 after minimum 50.000 hours (8.6 years at 16h a day, 365 days a year).
LEDTonic has your back! We offer a stellar 3-year hassle-free 100% working diode & lamp warranty on all of our grow lights.